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2004 TCT Saw Model 1100 Price: 	$40,000 (Asking)   FOB FL   Condition: 	Very Good (Rating = 7)   Description: 1100 Series TCT saw that cuts 2x4 and 2x6 boards.  Includes LCD computer display, a 5 HP motor with a 24" blade, a standard TCT scrap conveyor and a Mathews Inkjet marking system. Wired for 230 volt, 3 phase electrical service.  Requires 80 psi air pressure.  Saw is still in operation.  Manual and extra blade are included.  Mechanical “freshen up” maintenance, installation and training are available from TCT at an additional charge. Item No. 1001 Sample Only! List Used Machinery
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Item No. WP1004
PCS Twin-Axis Sheathing Saw - Simultaneously cuts sheathing material in the X and Y axis in one pass. This automated saw optimizes material and has an enclosed saw cabinet to reduce noise, dust, and to improve operator safety.    Also includes a dust collection system.  480V - 3PH
Price:          $19,000 (Asking)  FOB FL
Condition:   Good (Rating - 5)
2005 PCS - Twin Axis Sheathing Saw
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Item No. LS1035
1998 Omni Mini Miser - the automated cutting and marking system for wall panel components. This system features a live-deck, bunk feeder, multiple lumber cartridges and an ink-jet printing system.
Price:           $32,900 (asking)  FOB TX
Condition:   Good (Rating - 5)
Omni Mini Miser (Wall Panel Saw)
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Item No. WP1008
IBS Framing Tables with light bars and nail gun dollies. Includes nail guns, skate rollers and monitor stations
Price:          $17,900 (Asking)  FOB AZ
Condition:   Very Good (Rating - 6)
2002 IBS Framing Tables
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Item No. WP1009
23’ x23’ . Dayton Hoist Motor (1-ton). Come complete with frame, beams, hoist chain, cable hose carrier, trolley and wall panel bar.
Price:          $4,500 (Asking)  FOB AZ
Condition:   Very Good (Rating - 6)
2002 Overhead Wall Panel Hoist System
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Item No. WP1012
Triad Component Nailer
Price:          $2,000 (OBO)  FOB AZ
Condition:   Fair(Rating - 2)
Triad Component Nailer
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Item No. WPMS1013
Cut and mark wall plates with this servo controlled saw and high-speed percussion marking system. Features automated feed and blade angulation. Also features touch-screen-control console a 10hp, 3 phase saw motor, & a 18" saw blade.  Cuts 2x4 to 2x8 plates at 90 degrees or miters them up to + 45 degrees. Low maintenance design. Imports from several common house design software packages.Supports JIT optimization.3-D board visualization, including marking details.
Price:          $38,500 (Asking)  FOB UT
Condition:   Good
2004 Triad Plate Marking Saw
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Video Demonstration
Item No. WP1015
Triad Wall Panel System Includes a Staple Bridge (Model - PS356), Routing Bridge (Model -RA198), Nailing Bridge , Building Table - 100' L (Model -02SH), and a Panel Saw Packed up and ready to ship.
Price:          $45,000 (Asking)  FOB TX
Condition:   Good+
Triad Wall Panel System
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Price:          $66,900 (Asking)  FOB UT
Condition:       Good
Triad Wall Panel System & Plate Marking Saw
Includes the following: 2007 Triad Framing Table with gun dollies Ro-Cat Subcomponent Tables 2004 Triad Servo Controlled Plate Marking Saw (20' x 12') Squaring Table: Builds from 8' to 12' wall heights, includes 12' of conveyors. Manuals and hardware are .  Plate Marking Saw - Cuts 2x4 to 2x8 plates at 90 degrees or miters them up to + 45 degrees. Low maintenance percussion marking system.
Item No. WP1018
Price:        (Make an Offer)  FOB MN
Condition:    Excellent
2005 Virtek Laser MC
Automated cutting and laser marking for wall plates. Features a Class IV laser for marking, a computer workstation w/ enclosure and a Vista Angle Boss saw (20" Blade) for cutting. Designed to optimize lumber usage, reduce waste, reduce labor and improve quality. Feed rate is an impressive 45" per second. 480V, 3ph power required for saw, 110 volt required for the PC and laser. 80 PSI air required. Left to Right feed - Handles material up to 16’. Extra blade & table drive belt (Excellent condition - Less than 50 hours on this machine)
Item No. MS1040
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Location:       Northeast  - U.S.
Wall Panel Equipment (Package Deal)
Includes the following: (A) Viking- frame station w/ automated tool carriages and a 50' motorized squaring station (B) Viking Fast Trac 14' port. sheathing bridge, w/ carriage, nail gun & dig. controls (C) 67' Hytrol conveyor system (D) IBS Sub Component Nailer w/ (4) nail guns & a 5' conveyor
Item No. WP1019
Item No. WP1014
2007 Panels Plus Semi-Automated Combo Unit - 312 Series Single table wall panel assembly system. Frame and sheath on one table. Produces 2x4 & 2x6 wall panels from 8'-0” through 12’ wall heights & up to 16' in length. System includes a framer w/ tool dollies, bridge stapler, (3) subcomponent framing tables w/ pneumatic squaring stops, router bar w/ router, (2) Safety Speed Cut Panel Saws, (4) 15' rollers w/ (12) legs stands, 1 ton overhead electric crane w/ a 40'L x 24'W x 12'H steel frame
Price:          $71,900 (Asking)  FOB AB (Canada)
Condition:   Very Good (Rating - 7)
2007 Panels Plus - Wall Panel System
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Item No. WP1016
Mango Plate Marker/Cutter system. Cutting and marking data is handled with touch screen computer. Mango delivery pusher automates the marking process, including positioning for plate cutting. System also includes an upcut saw, in- feed & out-feed roller tables and a dust collector.
Price:           $13,500 (Asking)  FOB AB (Canada)
Condition:   Very Good (Rating - 7)
Mango Plate Marker/Cutter system
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