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Need to build 4X2 floor trusses? Find the right floor truss machinery at Truss Machinery Connections.
Price: $ 15,250 - FOB IN
Condition:       New
SQ1 Rolsplicer
RolSplicer by Square1 The Rolsplicer Chord Splicing System produces spliced chords in seconds, reducing splicing time by up to 60%. The Rolsplicer uses a completely unique method of splicing lumber. Two sets of synchronized half rollers are driven by a chain and sprocket system. As the two sets of rollers simultaneously push and pull the wood, a tight abutment is held throughout the entire splice cycle, assuring a perfect splice.
Item No. F042951
Price: $ 15,750 - FOB IN
Condition:       New
SQ1 Floor (4x2)  Roller Press
Floor Truss Roller Press by Square1 MODEL TRC 2.5 DB-4-12 Stop wearing out your floor machine prematurely! Use your floor machine to preset plates 75% just like you do with your roof gantry then fully embed them with this tough little floor press by SQ1. Double the life of your Floor Machine! Features: 4’ feed width (5’ and 6’ also available) 7 ½ HP Sumitomo gear motor 12” diameter rolls 2-1/2" diameter shafts
Item No. F042952
2004 TCT Saw Model 1100 Price: 	$40,000 (Asking)   FOB FL   Condition: 	Very Good (Rating = 7)   Description: 1100 Series TCT saw that cuts 2x4 and 2x6 boards.  Includes LCD computer display, a 5 HP motor with a 24" blade, a standard TCT scrap conveyor and a Mathews Inkjet marking system. Wired for 230 volt, 3 phase electrical service.  Requires 80 psi air pressure.  Saw is still in operation.  Manual and extra blade are included.  Mechanical “freshen up” maintenance, installation and training are available from TCT at an additional charge. Item No. 1001 Sample Only! List Used Machinery
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Price:         $52,900   (Asking)  FOB FL
Condition:     Good
Alpine Floor Master
2001 Alpine Floor Master Trackless design floor machine features flip arms on the in-feed side and pop-up ejectors on the out-feed side. 60’-8” O/A Length 6’-6” Wide. Systems has had air cylinders and valves replace in th last year but will need new air lines. Machine is currently in use. On table splice jigging and overhead parts rack (pictured) are not included.
Item No. F042533
Price:     $ 11,900  (Asking)  FOB AZ
Condition:       Good
PE&E Floor Machine
1984 PE&E Floor Machine Floor Machine manufactured by PE&E for Gang Nail. This is kick-leg style floor machine featuring air bag clamping and a double sided setup. This machine will build up to a 40’ span and up to 30”deep designs. This machine is in good working condition and has been completely refurbished including all new air bag clamping (fire hose), air fittings, Gantry head has also been serviced.
Item No. F043032
Price: 15,900  - FOB FL
Condition:       Good
Alpine Floor Machine
Alpine Floor Machine Speed Roll Model 747 40’ working length 4x2 floor machine. Features dual setup, pneumatic clamping and kick-leg table design. This machine is currently in production and is in good working condition
Item No. F042531
Price:         $22,900   (Asking)  FOB FL
Condition:       Good
Alpine Floor Machine
2005 Alpine Floor Machine Speed Roll Model 747A This is a modified floor machine that is currently setup to build Jacks and other small roof designs. (Table has been padded up and 4x2 floor jigging has been removed.) 40’ working length 6’-8” Wide Kick-leg table design Includes over-head parts rack
Item No. F042532
Price:          $ 12,900   (Asking)  FOB FL
Condition:       Good
Alpine Floor Machine
Alpine Floor Machine - (Kickleg Style) Alpine Speed Roll - 40’ Floor Truss Machine Double throat floor truss machine with air clamps. Also includes an overhead plate & parts rack. (Machine is disassembled and stored as shown in additional pictures.
Item No. F41781
Price:          $ 23,900   (Asking)  FOB PA  + -
Condition:       Very Good (Rating - 6)
Klaisler Floor Machine - Model 640
1985 Klaisler Floor Machine - Model 640 (Kickleg Style) Features Steel top, kick-leg rail gantry roller system, air clamps. Builds floor trusses up to 40’-0”, 12” minimum depth and up to 2’-6” in depth. Dual motor driven roller. Excellent working condition. Machine has been refurbished and has all new air clamps and hoses. Machine was also modified to build up to 30” deep floor trusses.
Item No. F41061
Price:          $45,900   (Asking)  FOB VA
Condition:       Very Good
2001 Mitek Railrider
MiTek RailRider - Model  82100-509 Features include a trackless table design, “On Table Splicing”, Pop-up end eject rollers and a riding platform. The Roller Head has a 24” roll and is powered by a 10HP motor. Can be jigged to handle 12” to 24” deep floor trusses with a span up to 40’.
Item No. F1049
Item No. F1041
1996 Robbins Fatman Floor Machine model ST96529. 40’ working length - 8’ Wide. Builds floor trusses up to 36” in depth. Features air bag clamping, (1) gantry head w/ 24” roll. Pressing speed up to 150’ per minute. Good working condition
Price:          $20,900 (Asking)  FOB GA
Condition:   Good (Rating - 5)
Robbins “Fatman” Floor Machine
(Click to Enlarge)
Item No. F1037
Trackless, side-eject system with slotted steel top. Features (1) Gantry head w/ a 24" roll and a 7.5 HP motor. Also features "fire hose" pneumatics for smooth trouble free clamping. Builds up to 26" deep floor trusses with a max span of 40'.  (System 6’W x 48’L). This is a solid machine in good working condition.
Price:          $21,900 (Asking)  FOB TX
Condition:   Good (Rating - 5)
Tee-Lok Floor Machine
(Click to Enlarge)
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