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The work horse of any truss plant is your roof truss equipment. You can find good used roof truss gantry systems, finish roller presses and more at Truss Machinery Connections.
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Price:     $ 32,900  (Asking)  FOB KS
Condition:       Fair
Teelok Gantry System
Teelok Gantry System - 129’ Working Length Side-eject (track style). Includes (2) Teelok gantry heads, (18) tables w/ steel slotted tops & ejectors. Also includes, track, electrical, aisle pads and jigging hardware. (No exit roller conveyors included). This machinery is disassembled and ready to ship.
Item No. R043103
2004 TCT Saw Model 1100 Price: 	$40,000 (Asking)   FOB FL   Condition: 	Very Good (Rating = 7)   Description: 1100 Series TCT saw that cuts 2x4 and 2x6 boards.  Includes LCD computer display, a 5 HP motor with a 24" blade, a standard TCT scrap conveyor and a Mathews Inkjet marking system. Wired for 230 volt, 3 phase electrical service.  Requires 80 psi air pressure.  Saw is still in operation.  Manual and extra blade are included.  Mechanical “freshen up” maintenance, installation and training are available from TCT at an additional charge. Item No. 1001 Sample Only! List Used Machinery
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Price:     $ 59,900  (Asking)  FOB PA
Alpine Autoset Gantry
Alpine Autoset Gantry 14’ x 80’ Side-eject track style gantry. Features an Autoset Jigging System (air wrench activated). Includes (1) Alpine Gantry Head (Model 705), (1) Alpine Finish Roller Press (Model 720), (11) Gantry Tables w/ 2’ of steel and plastic top combo. Also includes exit roller conveyors, over-head electric cable and gantry track. Note: Wired for 440V 3PH (7 lift-out cylinders have broken shafts)
Item No. R042682
Item No. R1062
1989 Alpine Gantry (Track Style/Side Eject) - Model 12-4-1400-105.  Features 14’x97’ working area (110’ O/A), (1) Gantry Head w/ 18” roll, Powered Roller Conveyors (100’), Un-powered Conveyors (66’), Ejectors, Receivers and Jigging . Working surface is made up of slid-able steel pads drilled and tapped for jigging. Power: 480V, 3PH (SO Cord Feed)
Price:          $17,900 (Asking)  FOB GA
Condition:   Good (Rating - 5)
Alpine Ram Gantry
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Item No.R1053
PE & E Gantry System manufactured for MiTek by Ronny Wright. System includes 10) 5'X14' tables with plastic tops (2' walk-throughs), (1) Gantry Head (20" roll - Track design), ejectors, receivers and motorized exit rollers. Ejectors`and receivers are in fair to poor condition but the tables and Gantry Head are in good working conditions and have been well maintained. Track is not installed in the photos but is included.
Price:          $17,900 (Asking)  FOB FL
Condition:   Good (Rating - 5)
1990 PE & E Ganrty - 68’
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Item No. R1013
Description: PE & E Gantry System manufactured for MiTek by Ronny Wright. System includes 10) 5'X14' tables with plastic tops (2' Walk-Throughs), Gantry Head (20" roll - track design) & ejectors. Does not include receivers or motorized exit rollers. Ejectors are in fair to poor condition. Tables and Gantry Head are in good working conditions and have been well maintained. Wired for 208V 3 phase.
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Price:         $20,000 (Asking)  FOB TN
Condition:  Good (Rating - 5)
1993 PE & E Ganrty - 68’
Price:     $ (Make Offer)  FOB IN
Condition:       Good +
CMF Stealth Gantry
1999 CMF Stealth Gantry Side-eject (track style) gantry system. Includes (2) CMF Stealth gantry heads, (15) 8'x14' tables w/ steel slotted tops and skate-wheel ejectors, (24) 14' exit roller conveyors, (12) skate-wheel receiver, and (1) 14'-0” CMF Stealth finish roller press. Also includes, Busbar electrical system, track, aisle slider pads, and jigging hardware
Item No. R043295
Price:          $ 33,900   (Asking)  FOB CA
Condition:       Good
Alpine Gantry and Finish Press
Alpine Gantry & Finish Press Alpine Gantry 14’ x 49’ side-eject track style gantry. Features puck jigging system. Includes (1) Alpine Gantry Head (Model 705), (1) Alpine Finish Roller Press (Model 725), (7) Gantry Tables w/ steel slotted tops and ejectors. Also includes exit roller conveyors, receivers and gantry track.
Item No. R042891
Price:          $ 37,500    (Asking)  FOB PA  + -
Condition:       Good (Rating - 5)
Robbins Gantry System, Exit Rollers & Finish Press
Robbins Super Torque Roof Gantry System (82’ Working) Side Eject (Track Style) Gantry System includes (1) Gantry Head w/ 24” Roll & 10 HP Electric Drive, (12) Slotted Steel Top Tables with Ejectors, Powered Roller Conveyor (Length of System) and a 14’ Finish Roller Press w/ 24” Rolls. Electric and jigging hardware included. Aisle pads also included.  
Item No. R41064
Price:          $ 35,900  Location: FL
Condition:       Good
Robbins Gantry - Side Eject - 103’
1999 Robbins Gantry - Model STTG24 Side-Eject (Track Style) Gantry - 103’ working length. Includes (1) Gantry Head w/ 24” Roll, (15) 5’x14’ tables with plastic tops and unistrut jigging. Also includes, skate wheel ejector, (16) skate wheel receivers, gantry track, (28) Aisle pad covers, (10) powered conveyor roller, (10 unpowered conveyor rollers, all air and electrical hardware. (Machine is in good working condition. Plastic tops do have a fair amount of wear.)  
Item No. R1077
Price:          $42,900 FOB NC
Condition:       Good
TeeLoK Gantry - Side Eject 
TeeLok Gantry Equipment 107’ Side-Eject (Track Style) Gantry. Includes (2) Gantry Heads w/ 24” Rolls, (15) Gantry tables with steel slotted tops   Also includes gantry track. (Ejectors, Jigging hardware, overhead S/O electrical cable, aisle pad plates not included)
Item No. R41111
Will split machinery up for a custom configuration- Call for pricing! (Additional Gantry Head & Finish Roller Press available also)
Item No. R1076
MiTek RoofGlider - 14' X 86' (working) side-eject, trackless system with (11) tables w/ steel slotted-tops, (9) pneumatic skate wheel ejectors, (1) gantry head w/ 24” roll, featuring a riding platform and joy-stick control.  Includes a 91’ out- feed conveyor consisting of 9) powered rollers and (10) idle rollers, (7) skate wheel receivers. Also includes system hardware (ejector-covers, aisle-pads, jigging hardware), (2) parking stations, electrical s/o cord with support cable, air control valves, and a  MiTek 14' Finish Roller Press (model 68300- 24” rolls) 208 volt, 3 phase power.
Price:          $79,900 (Asking) FOB CA
Condition:   Good
2000 MiTek RoofGlider Gantry System
(Click to Enlarge)
Item No. R1071
2004 Robbins (No-Rail) Gantry - 104’-9” long (working length). Equipped with  (1) No-Rail gantry head w/ 24” roll, (14) tables w/ slotted steel tops & anti-slip surfacing, ejectors and 2’ walk-through aisle pads. Also includes powered side eject roller, powered roller conveyor beds and receivers. Addition Equipment & Features: 2012 Mitek Planx System - 50’ (used for only 3 weeks)
Price:          $185,000 (Asking) FOB AL
Condition:   Excellent (Rating - 9)
Robbins Gantry + 2012 Planx System
(Click to Enlarge)
Item No. R1066
This system is in excellent condition and only has 209 hours on it! Description: Trackless gantry system with walk-through aisles - 90' long. Includes (1) Gantry head w/ 24” roll,  (12) 3/4” thick steel slotted top tables w/ ejectors, side eject rollers, and powered out-feed conveyors. Includes Aisle pad covers, S/O electric and all electrical hardware Also includes a 2004 Pacific Automation Auto Roll 14 finish roller press. 230V - 3PH
Price:          $67,500 (Asking)  FOB UT
Condition:   Excellent (Rating - 9)
2006 Mitek RoofTracker w/ Finish Roller Press
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